Crypto Onboarding

How to onboard the next billion users into the crypto world? That’s the hot question on web3 Twitter spaces right now.

The Broader Problem

Why are crypto currencies better than fiat currencies? Why global economies are better than tribal economies? Why are decentralisation & transparency better than centralisation and opacity in organisations? I think these questions need to be discussed more in the community so that our roadmap is grounded in well-founded ethos.

The Specific Problem

If you want to play a play-to-earn game, you should not go through a process of buying some a native token on an exchange (like 0x, 1inch, Uniswap, etc), creating a wallet, and then transferring these coins to the wallet and then go to another decentralised exchange to swap the native token for the Dapp token. This process has a lot of friction and is tedious for an average user to come and reach a desired outcome.



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