Onmeta & NFTically announce partnership to make NFTs more accessible in India

3 min readSep 22, 2022


Onmeta, world’s quickest global on & off ramp solutions provider, today announces that its services are now available on NFTically marketplace which has 6500+ NFTs by more than 4000 creators across 30+ countries. The Onmeta widget is live on the NFTically marketplace through which users across the world can directly purchase their favourite NFTs by paying in INR.

According to the Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index, India ranks 1st out of 26 countries for crypto adoption, according to Finder’s Crypto Adoption August 2022 report, which has so far surveyed 217,947 people in 26 selected countries (16,515 in India since April 2022). The crypto ownership rate in India is 29%, which is higher than the global average of 15%.

“As India continues to lead the way in crypto and web3 adoption, it’s incumbent on the web3 dApps in India to improve the user experience and remove friction. We believe that mass market adoption of web3 projects will only happen if we bring #web2UXinweb3”, said Prateek Gupta, Business Head, Onmeta.

While most other on and off ramp service providers process payments in 5–10 mins on an average, Onmeta has processed 91% of its transactions so far in <60 seconds, mirroring the current web2 experience of instant payments.

“NFTically is on a Mission to make NFTs accessible to celebrities, influencers, artists, events, & enterprises. With a clear focus on user experience (UX) & user-friendly features, we are motivated with our mission & innovations around Blockchain to people more connected & engaged with their brands & artists. Onmeta’s sleek and fast UX stood out and is in line with the kind of experience we want to provide to our community”, said Toshendra Sharma, CEO, NFTically.

Onmeta believes in empowering new and upcoming web3 projects, especially the ones which have their own native tokens. Within the month, Onmeta will also be supporting fiat on and off ramp for Philippines Peso (PHP) and Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

About Onmeta

Onmeta provides enterprise on and off ramp solutions (API/widget integration) to web3 dapps to help them improve their user experience and accelerate their adoption by mainstream users. Onmeta aims to become a fully interoperable solution which supports all major fiats as well as all tokens across all major blockchains. Currently, it is the only service provider supporting INR fiat on and off ramp and supports 4000+ tokens across Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains with work underway for Arbitrum and Solana.

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About NFTically

NFTICALLY is a global B2B SaaS to enable celebrities, influencers, gamers, clubs & enterprises to launch their own white-label NFT store or NFT Marketplace without any technical knowledge. With NFTICALLY, celebrities & enterprises can control the various aspects of their NFT hub like configurations, Blockchains pinning, analytics, user experience, APIs, integrations, custom terms & policies, etc.




Onmeta is a full stack On/Off ramp payment solution for all GameFi and DeFi DApps, NFT Marketplaces & wallets.