What will drive mass market adoption of web3 projects in India?

What will drive mass adoption?

Defining and tracking your competition well

  1. Onmeta Off-Load: Off-Ramp solution, allow users to convert Crypto earned to fiat and withdraw to their bank account.
  1. Instant payments: Takes <60 seconds to validate the payments and deposit tokens/fiat!
  2. Crypto liquidity — integrated will all leading DEXs to offer the widest token coverage!
  3. Cheapest token price for your users sourced from multiple sources!
  4. Onboard Indian users — largest crypto market in the world
  5. Developer friendly — customisable Drop in widgets, integrate quickly with a FEW LINES OF CODE.
  6. KYC onboarding — enable users to authenticate and register
  7. Multi-chain support — Integrate once and deploy your DApps across chains
  8. Compliant with regulations — You focus on BUIDLing, we manage the user onboarding and compliances!



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Onmeta is a full stack On/Off ramp payment solution for all GameFi and DeFi DApps, NFT Marketplaces & wallets.